Types of Braces

  • Digital Indirect Bonding

    Digital Indirect bonding is the process of digitally placing brackets on a patient’s teeth and then creating a custom tray to transfer the brackets to the teeth. This process works by taking a digital scan of a patient’s teeth and uploading it to a specialized software. From there, Dr. Shems will digitally place the brackets in a precise position and then 3D print a model of the patient’s teeth with the brackets in the correct position. Once this step is complete, a tray will be created to transfer brackets from the 3D printed model to the patient’s teeth. Advantages of indirect bonding include increased bracket placement accuracy, less time in the dental chair, and decreased rate of bond failure.



Iconix stainless steel champagne colored brackets truly offer the best of both worlds, the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of “white” gold.

Radiance® Clear Brackets

Virtually invisible, there are several advantages clear brackets have over traditional braces and aligners.  Clear braces combine the best of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners to deliver a discrete treatment experience with results that go beyond straight teeth.

Stainless Steel Brackets

Metal braces made from stainless steel brackets and wires remain the most popular choice for braces and are very effective.


Cone Beam Scanner or Patient

The idea of wearing braces can make patients nervous.  Braces have always been about correcting the alignment of teeth without any real consideration of style, individuality or expression.  WildSmiles gives patients the confidence they need to enjoy the orthodontic experience.  Whether a patient wants to reflect their favorite season, hobby or passion, WildSmiles presents the ability to create a stylish smile while wearing braces.

WildSmiles challenges the idea that braces aren’t fun by offering patients an outlet to express their creativity with every smile. With WildSmiles, patients can choose brackets in six unique shapes: Stars, Hearts, Flowers, Footballs, Sports Balls and Super-Diamonds.

WildSmiles is correction first.  It is respectable, professional and not a gimmick.  It simply takes a common corrective procedure and adds some fun using quality American made brackets.  Since its creation, thousands of orthodontists have offered WildSmiles reflecting their commitment to enhancing the patient experience.