Patient Safety Protocols

Welcome Back! Please read below to learn what to expect at your next appointment.

We are so excited to welcome you back to the office! We thank you all so very much for your patience and understanding as we reopen. Please take note of our new protocols to keep you or your child safe as possible!

  • Don’t forget to fill out our easy and safe link (click here!) to the health screening form each time you visit. We will send them by text or email before your appointment (reducing paper waste).
  • Please brush and floss your teeth at home, as our brushing area is now closed.
  • We ask for anyone accompanying a patient to wait in the car unless absolutely necessary.

  • Upon arrival, please text our office line, 207-781-5655 let us know you are ready to be seen.
  • Based on safety flow, we will let you know when to approach the front door and enter our new triage area.
  • We will have seating outside the windows (weather permitting) if you would like to observe your child.

  • All patients/parents will have a temperature check and asked to sanitize hands and gargle with a disinfecting mouth rinse.

  • Those with a temperature over 100° degrees will kindly be asked to reschedule or convert to a virtual appointment.

  • Parents: a member of our team will update you in the parking lot, over phone, text or facetime. Your child will be given a follow up appointment prior to leaving. Call or text if the date is not convenient.
  • We are kindly asking for payments to be made over the phone to minimize office flow. Please expect texts or emails alerting you of any balances for your convenience.
  • For our high-risk patients, or those that prefer to see us from home we will continue to offer many sorts of virtual appointments!

Office Air-Cleaning Strategies

We partnered with local HVAC company AAA Energy Service to design and install a professional air-cleaning system. It exhausts air from our Clinical Area and treats the air with the latest technologies available. This creates a much safer environment for our patients and staff.

The air from our clinical area is exhausted and treated once every 3.7 minutes. That’s 16 air-changes per hour!

Once exhausted, the air is:

  • Exposed to medical grade UVC lights (254 nm) which inactivates microorganisms.
  • Air flows past a bi-polar ionization generator, the device emits positive and negative ions, creating a plasma region that actively purifies the air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses.
  • Filtered through HEPA filters with rated efficiency of 99.99% @ 0.3 microns or larger. The novel coronavirus itself is 0.125 microns, but the droplets it travels in—when people cough, talk, or breathe—initially are larger, around 1 micron. That’s a size easily captured by HEPA filters.
  • Our Clinical Treatment Area has been converted to a negative pressure zone, mirroring critical care hospital suites to constantly maintain clean air.
  • Implementation of two styles of additional high speed evacuation units to absorb 89-98% of aerosolization when removing orthodontic adhesives.
  • Touch-free fixtures throughout the office to minimize cross contamination.