Orthobucks Incentive Program

To make wearing braces fun and rewarding, Dr. Shems has created an incentive program for our patients in active orthodontic treatment. By being a cooperative patient who maintains healthy teeth and gums throughout your treatment, you are automatically enrolled in the program.

You can earn Orthobucks by:

  • Good or EXCELLENT home care. We do not like to see redness, puffy gums, or plaque on teeth. Fair or poor home care (flossing/brushing) that needs improvement, does NOT qualify! Remember: good oral hygiene prevents white sports on teeth, cavities, puffy gums and bad breath (yuck!)
  • Please be on time for your appointment! We know life is busy, but it is important to arrive on time without broken/loose braces, bands or wires out of place. We don't want to spend your allotted time fixing broken parts, especially those caused by bad habits, like eating stick/chewy food that is forbidden during treatment! Be careful, please!
  • Wear your elastics or appliance as directed! Your progress will tell us if you have following directions.
  • We LOVE to see you wearing our t-shirt or using our water bottle, and will reward you for doing so!
  • Bring us your report cards! A's, or a mixture of A's & B's and comments that say, "Exceeds expectations" (Straight A's warrant more Orthobucks!)
  • A STELLAR dental cleaning! We stress the importance of cleanings and exams with your dentist, you will be rewarded 5 Orthobucks for each signed certificate from your dentist at your routine dental cleanings (your dentist/hygienist has been supplied with certificates!).
  • Thank you for your referral! We really appreciate referrals from our patient's to their family and friends. If you take the time to refer us to someone you know, please ask them to let us know that you referred them and we will be sure that you get extra Orthobucks the next time you come in as a thank you for your kind words!

You can cash in your Orthobucks as soon as you earn them or you may save them for another time — and a bigger prize! We have prizes in the office for you to choose from, including stuffed animals, basketballs, and iTunes cards.

We also love to buy back your candy after Halloween! ($1 per lb, up to $5 per school age kiddo!) Our staff takes the candy to a nonprofit organization, such as a soup kitchen or cancer community center, or to U.S. troops serving abroad to help them interface with a local community.